Gideon Goofs and Goes Astray, with Earl Wallace May 2, 2015

WATERFORD, NY– This is Liberty Christian Fellowship’s third service held in the home of Bill and Linda Dudek, Waterford, NY. Part III of the three-part series on Gideon and the Book of Judges and how it applies today. May 2, 2015

Liberty Christian Fellowship’s mission is to support you to apply God’s truth to your life. Our goal is to seek God together and experience Him through worship, His Word, and fellowship.

Liberty Christian Fellowship invites you to participate in what God is doing through us by…

1. Receiving the forgiveness and salvation God offers through the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross;

2. Committing your life as a disciple to Christ;

3. Attending to see what we are about;

4. Becoming a partner in our mission to serve Christ;

5. Growing together as a discipleship team to see God accomplish through us corporately what none of us can accomplish alone;

6. Discovering and growing in the gifts God gives you; and

7. Helping others receive the outcomes of Liberty.

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