YouTube: Excerpt from KrisAnne Hall’s May 13, 2017 podcast “Sanctury Cities and the War on Drugs”

KrisAnne Hall explains how Sanctuary Cities violate the Constitution and Federal Law, and those who enact them are (or should be) subject to criminal penalties according to the law.

This YouTube clip is an excerpt of KrisAnne’s podcast of May 13, 2017 “Sanctuary Cities and the War on Drugs” and may be listened to in its entirety here:

YOUTUBE– New York Oath Keepers Press Release, May 19, 2017


After almost 3 years, NY Oath Keepers’ Patience Wearing Thin; request written retraction to the private New York State Counter Terrorism bulletin from the New York State Intelligence Center dated June 12, 2014, targeting Oath Keepers as a right wing extremist group and danger to the police.

Heidi Mund – The Brave German Woman visits Long Island, NY – April 13, 2017


HAUPPAUGE, NY– How so-called refugees are invading Europe. Heidi Mund, known as “The Brave German Woman”, has been fighting the mass immigration to Germany since 2010. She is fearless, and became an internet sensation in 2013 when she stood up and spoke the truth at an “interfaith” concert featuring a Muslim Imam who recited the Islamic call to prayer at the historic Memorial Church of Martin Luther in Speyer. She warned the concert-goers that the Imam was not truthful, and translated his hateful speech. Heidi yelled from the balcony “Jesus Christ alone is Lord over Germany! I break this curse!” and repeated the famous words of Martin Luther, “Here I stand, I can do no other.”

**GRASSROOTS ACTION ALERT** for Civil Rights and Firearms Freedom


On Friday, March 31, 2017 8:02 AM, Paloma A. Capanna <pcapanna> wrote:

**GRASSROOTS ACTION ALERT** for Civil Rights and Firearms Freedom:

Please make two phone calls today and share this on your social media outlets:

#1: Call NYS Senate Majority Leader John Flanigan at (518) 455-2071 and ask him to sponsor the “same as” to NYS Assembly Bill 6805, “The Civil Rights Restoration Act.”

#2: Call your Assemblyman and ask them to become a Co-Sponsor…especially if he or she is a Democrat.

Let’s guarantee and spell out civil rights for all New Yorkers, including Due Process, Equal Protection, and Privacy!

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“Freedom does not exist to taunt tyranny.
Freedom simply is.” ~ Me.

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Tedisco Likely Vote for Safe Act Funding in 2017

JOHNSTOWN, NY– It has been shown through numerous sources including video feed that Safe Act Funding exists inside the NY budget. Newly-elected Senator Tedisco is asked why can’t the Safe Act be defunded. Tedisco says he is opposed to the funding and will hold their feet to the fire, but even so, he will not pledge to vote ‘NO’ if the funding is there. Makes one wonder can Mr. Tedisco be believed, and what is he doing at a rally to terminate the Safe Act? It is important to note that all republican senators voted for Safe Act Funding in 2016, and likely repeat in 2017. What will YOU do about this?