Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Needs to Tell Us How They’ll Fight the Unsafe Act

Dear Friends,

Take a look at this 16 min. YouTube video of a wonderful candidate for governor of Ohio.

Fast forward to around 9:00, we see the moderator of the rally ask for and expect public answers from the candidate with the video feed running!

This is what we need to do in NY with the republican candidate, whoever that may be.

The republican should be able and willing to make a logical and methodical case that the UnSafe Act is irreparably harmful to New Yorkers and needs to be repealed, and those convicted thereunder for non-violent “crimes” therein will be pardoned “If I am elected.” Demand action! TY.


Republican Party In Desperate Need of Candidates To Explain why Gun Prohibition is Bad…

Case in Point … “Julie Killian (R) for State Senate”

Unfortunately, the Republican Party suffers with candidates who can’t or won’t explain why the unSAFE Act is irreparably harmful to New Yorkers. Here is another one, Julie Killian for State Senate. She was in such agreement with the gun prohibitionist Shelley Mayer (D) I thought there were two democrats up there. Watch the video. Killian is in favor of federal bans on “assault weapons” a.k.a. SEMI-AUTO RIFLES. Proud of gun prohibition for “domestic crimes”. She thinks having armed teachers is bad, and WILL NOT REPEAL unSAFE.