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New Jersey’s gun prohibition regime terrorizes LGBTQ+ woman; request to call Governor Christie on 609-292-6000 and urge him to pardon Ms. Fallenbaum before he leaves office.

NJ Sentences PA Resident Meg Fellenbaum to A Year in Jail for Simple Possession

DEC 20, 2017 |

Meg Fellenbaum and friend (courtesy ammoland.com)

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society writes: Meg Fellenbaum – apparently a danger to society in New Jersey, but not Pennsylvania – allegedly committed the horrific crime of having her firearms locked in the truck of her car while driving to pick up her girlfriend. [Click here to read the full background to her

However shocking this may be to gun control advocates, no one was victimized by Meg’s actions.
After a year of terror inflicted upon her by New Jersey’s (in)justice system, despite not posing any threat to public safety, NJ prosecutors successfully broke Meg down. They frightened her into accepting a plea deal of one year in prison (instead of facing trial and up to 13+ years in prison if she did not accept the plea deal).

I wish we were making this up, but this is New Jersey.

We’ve gotten to know Meg Fellenbaum over the past year and we cannot think of a better example of someone who has been entrapped by New Jersey’s ridiculous laws that seek to criminalize honest Americans. [ED: or better reason to pass H.R.38
– Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act of

We’re asking 2A supporters to call Governor Christie on 609-292-6000 and urge him to pardon Ms. Fallenbaum before he leaves office.

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Dear Friends:

In case you haven’t heard by now, the Safe Act protest scheduled for Sat. Dec. 2 has been cancelled. Why? I believe vicious back-biting and cowardice. But I wanted to share with you some thoughts from our own GUN GRANNI. These are some excerpts from her statements made on Facebook:

“Okay folks, so our Re-Certification Resistance Rally has been CANCELED!!!!!!! Please share this a.s.a.p so we don’t have Patriots traveling for nothing!!! NOW, First in line for BLAME is the Ilion Fish and Game Club. Their “Secretary” claims that she received Death Threats and they needed to cancel our rally for “Insurance and Safety Reasons”. I call BULLSH— !!!

This is a case of 1) Wimping OUT, 2) Being Bought by someone up-top. Doc Mowers, I am SO sorry this happened and that you wasted SO much of your time and personal money. However, we are NOT giving up, in FACT, we are STEPPING it UP! Those interested can come and meet and raise some dough for the Safe Act victims on Sunday the 3rd in Oxford, NY. See the post on this page for details.
Before I sign-off for the night, I need to say something about a couple of folks. First, Russ Finley, Congressional Candidate for the 21st District of NY. This guy was originally scheduled to speak at the rally, until he made the statement that the burning of our re-cert letters was merely “Symbolic” and that we HAVE to re-certify whether we like it or not. Hmmm…. do I want a guy like THAT in Congress? ANOTHER RINO? No, no I do not.

Finley is just another politician that will tell you what he thinks you want to hear, then screw you once he’s elected. Just look at his FB page and that is VERY clear. Flip-Flops like a fish out of water. Much like Steve McLaughlin, who at one time I would have trusted with my life, but now I just want to send him an Oscar for his performance as a “Nice Guy”. DO NOT let Finley fool you, he is NOT what he pretends to be!!!! In fact, Finley fights with NY Voters on FB and on his other site, and says things that should earn him a kick right in his RINO ass.

Second and somewhat related, is Paul Marsters, because Paul and Russ are not seeing eye to eye. Paul is loved by some and despised by some, but aren’t we ALL? Several years ago, Paul spoke at a rally and he made a statement that offended many people. He said that any Police Officer who comes to your home to confiscate your guns , is violating his or her Oath, and as a result, forfeits his police powers and protection. If the officer attempts to take your legally-owned property, he is a mere felon, like any other thief and you CAN defend yourself and your property against him.

Maybe his delivery of that information was a little too strong, especially for LEOs, but I want you to think about it for a minute. At NO time, did Marsters advocate the killing of police officers, the stalking or ambushing of police officers, or even disrespect for police officers. He simply stated the FACT that when an LEO violates his Oath to the People and the Constitution and simply “Follows Orders”, they are no longer an LEO, but a civilian. That is, like it or not, the absolute TRUTH.

I took the LEO Oath, Paul took the Military Oath, and millions of YOU have taken the same Oath for various reasons. We cherish and honor that Oath, and so should our police and politicians. It’s up to US to see that they do. Should we KILL them for violating their Oaths? Of course not, and that is NOT what Paul said. His intention was to inform you all that an Oath-breaking LEO is no longer an LEO, and deserves no special consideration AS an LEO.

The fact that so many people mis-interpreted Paul’s statement has led to a good number of Patriots dislike of him, but I want to tell you something. I have spent a LOT of time with and around Paul. We have talked about everything under the sun, and he is my friend. Paul is probably the most Passionate Constitutionalist I have ever met, and he is VERY smart, knows the Constitution and American History like most of us know our addresses. He is a good and decent man who loves this country, his family, and his friends, and has never shown any tendency to violence.

Paul’s military record speaks for itself, and so does his reputation in the town he has spent his life in and his family has lived in for generations. Yet, several speakers who were planning to serve at the rally, stepped-away because Paul was also speaking. Mis-Interpretation leads to division. Look at what is happening to the Constitution based on mis-interpretation.

There are Patriots in this battle that I am not particularly fond of, and many who dislike ME as well, but that’s just human nature. We have a lot of serious, vital work to do in NY and if we can’t be strong enough and mature enough to put petty issues aside, how can we ever hope to win? Let’s get to know one another as fellow Patriots and Soldiers, and unite to fight. Come to the Chili Fundraiser and let’s sit down and get acquainted and make our plans as ONE people. Come and talk to Paul and ask your questions of him. Give him, and the rest of the folks you may disagree with, a chance.

As for Russ Finley, he really needs to stop attacking Paul and anyone else who calls out his RINO views, with slurs and obscenities, and talk like a man. This guy is NO Congressman,folks. Or, maybe he IS, judging by what we have in Congress NOW. In any case, I know that both Paul and I would be willing to speak to Russ with civility, but thank God he isn’t running for Congress in MY district. Sleep Well, we have MUCH to do! Gun Granni”

Conservative NY-21 Congressional Candidate Hammers 8 Democrat Candidates, Stands for Trump 11-20-17

Russ Finley slams liberals over Trump/Pence impeachment question. Plattsburgh, New York. 11-20-17


This is an excerpt from YouTube video “NY 21 Congressional Candidates Forum Clinton Community College 11/20/17”

The full length video may be seen by clicking this link:

YouTube– Regionalism, and the November 7 NY Constitutional Convention Vote- Proposition 1

Dear Friend,

The November 7 Proposition One vote will be an important one. You may be aware that a leading proponent of a NY Constitutional Convention has been Dr. Gerald Benjamin, who has been touring the state urging New Yorkers to vote ‘yes.’ Dr. Benjamin wrote the book on Regionalism. Linked below is a short video showing Governor Cuomo’s strong commitment to Regionalism. According to Governor Cuomo “there is no City of Syracuse, County of Onondaga, this town, that town… those lines are all artificial.” It is important to know that Gov. Cuomo’s “regional councils” of New York completely bypass the New York State and Federal Constitutions, even though Article IX of the New York State Constitution empowers the people of New York with Home Rule. Home Rule conflicts with regional government, and there is cause for concern that Home Rule may be tampered with during a NY Constitutional Convention. < /div>