NY Woman says NO! to the Safe Act Pistol Re-certification rule; asks New Yorker’s to stand together 10-17-17

Joanna “JJ” Johnson Smith seeks courageous New Yorker’s to join with her to stand against the unconstitutional NY Safe Act pistol permit re-certification requirement.



Prepare Now with More Guns and Ammo, Conceal Carry at Church, with Ann Barnhardt 10-11-17

Good morning Friends,

How do we respond to Las Vegas? Below is a 5-min. excerpt from Ann Barnhardt podcast #30 featuring Ann and Supernerd. Lessons to learn from this episode include realizing that the police will not come to your aid in a perilous situation, and that you must prepare now both physically (buy more guns and ammo, conceal carry at church) and spiritually (get to confession regularly and daily) for the coming escalation of “sub-optimal social conditions.”


To listen to the entire Ann Barnhardt #30 podcast click here:

NYS Constitutional Convention Forum, October 23 at 7pm, Kent Public Library

Dear Friends,

On Monday October 23 at 7pm, there will be a NYS Constitutional Convention Forum held at the Kent Public Library, 17 Sybils Xing, Carmel, NY 10512.

Here is the Facebook link for those on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/123126045021834/

As you are aware, the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ question about the Convention will be on the back of this year’s November 7 election ballot. It is important to receive as much information as possible to make an informed decision for yourself, yes or no.

The event will be hosted by Toni Addonizio, Putnam County Legislator, and the event speaker is Chris Ludlow, Hudson Valley Legislative and Political Action Coordinator of CSEA. There will be a detailed presentation with Q&A.

Please make an effort to attend this event. But if you cannot attend and have questions, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO EMAIL ME WITH ANY QUESTIONS YOU MAY HAVE. I will forward questions to the speaker of the event before the forum so he can be equipped with answers and I plan to video this event so everybody can watch on YouTube.

Thank you!

NY Constitutional Convention Question on Nov. 7: Is Robert Mercer Funding Available?

Dear Friends,

This piece was so interesting I had to share it.


I have been advocating a ‘no’ vote to the con-con on November 7 simply because unfortunately we patriots do not have the political power or funding to elect enough delegates statewide to advance our causes. But what if we had a billionaire on our side? This is the Robert Mercer question, and this is what the left appears to be deathly afraid of; which is why many of their forces are advocating a ‘no’ vote as well.

I am still voting ‘no’ because I believe its foolish and dangerous to base this vote on wishful thinking. I don’t think Mercer funding is guaranteed but if you get information otherwise please contact me right away! Thank you.

The Truth about Brain Death and Organ Donation, with Dr. Paul Byrne 9-25-17

Dr. Byrne advises against volunteering to be an organ donor because he says the system works to get you dead as fast as possible so your organs can be donated as fast as possible. They don’t tell you everything beforehand and people presume that they have your best interests in mind when they don’t. At the Monastery of the Precious Blood, Brooklyn NY. Sponsored by Personhood Education New York. Full length video with Q&A.