Common Core: From Farce to Failure, Dr. Duke Pesta, Monday, November 9, 7PM, Mt. Moriah Christian Academy

Common Core talk Monday in Glenmont, with Duke Pesta!

Dear Friends,

Socialist educator John Dewey wrote, “Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the collectivist society . . .” His blueprint to “dumb down” our children so that they are better robots for the state is now being advanced by the imposition of Common Core. This curriculum is just the newest of a long list of assaults on our children, from pre-school all the way through the college brainwashing in amorality, socialism, and atheism.

We are delighted to invite you to hear the dynamic proponent of sound education and critical thinking, Dr. Duke Pesta, the Academic Director of Freedom Project Education, at the Mt. Moriah Christian Academy on Monday, November 9, 2015 at 7:00 PM. Duke will deliver his latest seminar, “Common Core: From Farce to Failure,” detailing, from his personal experience as a college professor, how education has become indoctrination to undermine our culture. Duke has given more than 300 talks in 32 states, to inform and activate parents and educators.

Please phone us if you have any questions. (888-713-8087)

This talk will equip you to provide solid information and direction to your friends and relatives and engage them in this vital movement to protect our children and restore our nation.


Your friends from the American Opinion Education Committee

CommonCore_Glenmont 110915.pdf



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