Denver Jones Update ~ Seeking Patriot Help

Denver is directly asking for YOUR help:

Denver Jones is valiantly making a bid against a massively corrupt political machine in Broome County. He is single-handedly fighting a war to get on the ballot. With a massive effort to deny him the opportunity to sound his voice to the people of the NY Senate district 52 – and all of NYS, He fights on with his heart and soul.

NOTE: The misdeeds of the “machine” have already been deeply exposed to the public because of their own arrogance, lies and deception. They will continue to damage their image unless they recant.

DENVER WILL GET ON THE BALLOT . He WILL gather the 3,000+ signatures to get on The TaxPayers Party Line but he needs 6,000 to make the petition unchallengeable. The “machine” WILL mount a vicious ballot challenge and waste Denver’s resources, time, effort and a vast amount of money, if, 6,000 signatures are not contained within his petition. But, make no mistake – Denver WILL prevail a challenge… he did last year. We ask YOUR help to avoid further torment of Team Denver.

Make note the Republican nomination is not official or certified . Legal requirements and rule of law make that impossible until a later date. Denver can still be the Republican nominee.

Make note; Denver having the TaxPayers line along with the Republican line may win him the nomination of other parties. And that would increase the odds of a landslide victory.

A great showing of Denver’s petitioning WILL vastly increase the chances that the 52nd Senate seat remains out of the control of Cuomo and the Democrats.

Team Denver believes he will win in a 3-way race or heads-up but, if by some chance Fiala wins she would be in office only 1 year. In one year there would be a clean election and the seat would change back to R. That is an outcome that is worth the pain because it disrupts the current cabal in charge.

BTW: Wendy Long will be coming to the district to carry petitions for Denver – thank you Wendy!!!

Another important fact : Denver went to court in Albany to extend the petitioning deadline time. Yesterday Denver won a stay. Denver now anticipates having a full petitioning time frame. Regardless; Denver intends to file on August 17 if possible and YOUR help is needed this week.

This is a call to arms for any decent patriot. Denver asks for YOUR support and a little sweat equity.

What say YOU?

Denver Jones for Senate
HQ; 2800 E Main St Endwell NY 13760 open 11am to 8pm
607 754-0635

Call, email or stop by for info, Petitions, Positions flyer and/or instructions


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