Help protect kids in school — support HR 86, the Safe Students Act

Ask your congressional representative to co-sponsor H.R. 86, the Safe Students Act.

The Safe Students Act amends the federal criminal code to repeal provisions making it unlawful to possess or discharge a firearm in a school zone.

Suggested text to your representative:

Please cosponsor Rep. Thomas Massie’s H.R. 86, a bill to repeal the ineffective gun ban that outlaws guns within 1,000 feet of any school. You might be interested to know that Colorado state representative Patrick Neville (R-Castle Rock) — who was a student at Columbine High School on the day that two disaffected students killed 13 unarmed victims — supports repealing “gun free” zones. Rep. Neville says about that fateful day in 1999: [The] teachers and faculty [at Columbine] were heroic in many ways that day. That’s why I truly believe [if] some of them had the legal authority to be armed, more of my friends would still be alive today.” I agree with Rep. Neville. And I agree with Gun Owners of America that H.R. 86 — a bill to repeal the federal law that bans guns within 1,000 feet of any school — would keep students and teachers safer. I also agree with the 90 percent of police officers who, in a survey, said that mass shootings would decrease if armed citizens were present to engage the shooter. “Gun-free zones” don’t make places like Columbine free of guns. They only keep the “good guys” from having guns. After all, it was only after the Kohl-amendment outlawed guns in schools that schools became shooting galleries. Please cosponsor H.R. 86, the Safe Students Act.


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