New Yorkers gather for the Rally to Refuse the NYS Common Core tests

WHITE PLAINS, NY– The NYS Allies for Public Education hosts the “Rally to Refuse” the NYS Common Core tests. April 8, 2015


Featuring Dave Greene – Moderator – Former 38-Social Studies Teacher & Author of Doing the Right Thing: A Teacher Speaks

Featuring Mike Lillis – HS Physic Teachers, President Lakeland Teachers Association, Ulster County public school Parent

Featuring Nate Morgan – Elementary School Art Teacher, President Hastings Teachers Association, Dutchess County public school parent

Featuring Suzanne Coyle – Rockland County public school parent, mother of three children attending the Clarkstown Central School District

Featuring Laura Reidy – Westchester County public school parent, President of White Plains George Washington Elementary PTA

Featuring Bill Kress – Westchester County public school parent, President of Ossining Board of Education, Retired Ossining Police Officer

Featuring Bianca Tanis – Special Education Teacher, Co-Founder of NYS Allies for Public Education, & Ulster County public school parent.

Featuring Lisa Rudley – Co-Founder of NYS Allies for Public Education, Director of Education Policy for Autism Action Network, and Ossining public school parent

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AVON, NY– THE BILL NOJAY RADIO SHOW– Excerpt from Nojay radio show confirming the NY unSAFE Act funding in the NY State budget for 2015-16. April 6, 2015

Bill alerts his listeners of approx. $30 million of unSAFE Act funding in the 2015-16 budget. This clip also features Steve McLaughlin and Steve Katz unSAFE Act flushing work on the assembly floor from March 31, 2015.

The NY Budget Bills for 2015-16 include 3 sources of funding for enforcement of the NY unSAFE Act:

(1) State Operations Budget Bill: $3.2 million for State Police, Technical Police Services;

(2) State Operations Budget Bill: 14 new staff for SAFE Act enforcement in the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS), roughly $2.8 million (# of employees was provided verbally by a Division of Budget staffer to Assembly Minority Ways & Means staff during a budget briefing; funding is integrated into overall DCJS personnel authorization without a separate line for these personnel);

(3) Capital Projects Budget Bill: $24 million reappropriation for the Office of Information Technology Services, for database development (rollover from original 2013 Budget appropriation of $32 million, net of $8 million which has been spent).

Although we have heard claims that some amounts were reduced from the Governor’s proposed budget, there is no evidence of that. In other words, the Governor received full funding for SAFE Act enforcement for 2015-2016.


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