News Release: [Denver Jones to Primary Libous]

News Release:
Contact Denver Jones denver

Denver Jones is running for NY Senate (district52) to Challenge Tom Libous:
Senate District 52 – Broome, Chenango, Tioga and Delaware Counties

Denver Jones, a businessman from Candor NY (BSU INC.) has filed a 1700 signature republican nominating petition for Senate District 52. The 52nd Senate District has been ruled by Tom Libous for 26 years. This will be the first serious challenge to Libous in his career.

Denver Jones decided to run long before Libous was indicted. The Libous indictment validates Jones’ reasoning for running – that reasoning being that he believes Libous has been part of the massive corruption occurring in Albany for decades. Denver states, “I have been in business for 25 years and have watched our prosperity and well-being being stripped away by New York’s lawless government. My own commonsense tells me I have to try to fix the insanity.”

Denver Jones intends to be elected and “Turn Albany Upside Down”. He has set up a Campaign HQ at2800 E. Main St, Endwell, NY 13760. He is currently seeking qualified campaign staffers and supporters who are willing to buck the status quo. Interested persons should contact Denver direct at 607 279-3987.

About Denver Jones:
I am a lifelong resident of the Southern Tier. I am a family man who helped raise our children to be hard working and self-reliant. I own a business and work every day. I have stood by and watched OUR state go from prosperous and prominent to become a welfare state. I have never considered running for office but after 26 years of corrupt NY Senate politics with no real challenge coming forward I decided to step forward and take action. When elected I pledge to remain loyal to the citizens of our community and will oppose the status-quo. As we all know, politician after politicians make similar claims but once in office they change. In my case I will NOT change. I am neither intrigued nor impressed by the political class and will NOT join in the corruption.

DENVER JONES On the Issues:
· For FULL Repeal of the SAFE Act
· For Repeal Common Core Education
· For Seeking Manufacturing Jobs
· For Lower Taxes for Everyone
· For Local Decisions on Education
· For the 2nd Amendment
· For Repeal Tax-Free Zones & Special Tax Break Schemes

There are many other issues that are restricting New York’s well-being and prosperity. Albany is full of massive corruption. I will NOT fall into the Albany cesspool. Under any and all conditions I will fight for my fellow citizens to restore New York on all levels – regardless of what hardships it may bring to me.

End 26 years of Lawless government – Support and VOTE for Denver Jones
(The primary election is September 9 – Please VOTE)

Connect with Denver Jones: Email denver


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