Message from our friend Gary Perry re: recent statement from Sen. Ball about Saland

Voter awareness 101: it take cleverness to think of ways to slant situations to favor ones own wants and desires – that is what status-quo politicians are famous for. What does that say about their integrity?

Senator Ball,
Regarding Senator Ball’s comments regarding Steve Saland and the NY SAFE Act vote in the NY State Senate.

Senator Ball, The Republicans and Conservatives were not together in 2012 because there was a long-time legislator in office who was part of the big government problem of over regulation & tax and spend big government. Steve Saland has been in the NY State assembly and the senate for 32 years and was a supporter of Republican Majority Leader Dean Skelos who is the Republican Senator who allowed the NY SAFE Act to come to the senate floor for a vote that he voted for and he knew in advance would pass before he brought it to the floor for a vote. (3 men in a room Albany 2-step).

Conservative Republican candidate Neil DiCarlo lost the Republican primary to Steve Saland by a vote of 5,288 to 5,181. A difference of only 107 votes.
On the Conservative line Neil DiCarlo won the primary by a vote of 297 to 76. A difference of 221 votes.

Candidate Neil DiCarlo actually won this popular vote in this primary election by 114 votes.

We have no way of knowing how Steve Saland would have voted on the SAFE Act. But we do know that his one single vote of no or yeas would not have made a difference in the passage of the NY SAFE Act.

Make no mistake, it was the eleven Republican Senators Dean Skelos, Boyle, Flanagan, Fuschillo, Golden, Mark Grisanti, Hannon, Lanza, LaValle, Marcellino, and Martins who gave us the NY SAFae Act. The question we should be asking is what did Governor Cuomo “promise” or threaten these Republican Senators with to get their “yes” vote on the unconstitutional SAFE Act.

Senator Greg Ball has been strong on opposing the NY SAFE Act and has been very vocal speaking out in opposition to Governor Cuomo. For this we should thank him.
However, it is incorrect and irresponsible for Senator Ball to make a statement that implies that had Senator Saland been in office he would have voted against the NY SAFE Act and his additional “no” vote would have prevented the SAFE Act from passing the Senate.

At this public forum Senator Greg Ball either made a mistake and misspoke or purposely mislead the public by his statement that had Steve Saland been in office he would have prevented the SAFE Act from passing the Senate. This simply is not true. The SAFE Act vote in the Senate was 43 to 18. At best with Steve Saland in office the vote might possibly have been 42 to 19.

Senator Ball owes the public a correction and an apology.

Gary L Perry
Turn Albany Upside Down


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